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Drop20 in 6 Program Special Offer $2,997 $1,997

Claim this offer for Marcelle Pick's Drop 20 in 6 program for $1,997 if you sign up by end-of-day Sunday, January 22nd. 



Join a 99% success rate program

Not hungry

Experience losing weight without feeling hungry or craving food!


The program is closely supervised by a health care professional, clinically proven to be effective, all-natural and easy to follow.

Genetic testing

A specific genetic test with a customized analysis to help you maintain your weight going forward 


Make Lasting Changes

Following the Drop20 in 6 Program can completely transform your life in the next 90 days

We will give you all the tools you need to succeed, including:

Our "magic" proprietary, pharmaceutical-grade homeopathic drops

A specific genetic test with a customized analysis to help you maintain your weight going forward 

High-impact, topic-specific coaching to support you through your weight loss journey

No weighing food portions or counting calories.  No expensive, prepackaged meals

“...Fast forward 61 days and I reached my goal weight!! Almost a month later and I have not only maintained, but lost an additional 3 pounds. I do not feel deprived.  I feel healthy and educated about my body. It is one of the best decisions I have ever made for my health.”

Shannon / Drop20 in 6 Client


Program Creator

I so know how women feel when they are trying everything to lose weight and nothing is working.

I have had my own struggles with weight loss and I know how wonderful it feels when the weight loss happens and when you are able to keep it off for good.

This before picture is something I have not shared with anyone.  But it is time to show you what I used to look like 30 years ago.

Marcelle Pick

Drop20 in 6 Creator

Our Promise

Committed To Your Success

If you have 20 pounds or less to lose, why don’t you join me today and be at your goal weight before springtime and the start of the bathing suit season?  And, if you end up as that 1 in 100?  Well,  my team and I will continue to work with you after the 6 weeks to help you lose the weight.  All you have to do is be as committed to following the Drop 20 in 6 Program as I am committed to help you succeed. 



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