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—Marcelle Pick, Certified OB/GYN, NP & Weight Management Specialist

The New Way Yo-Yo Dieters Are Getting A Slimmer Body

(and reducing toxicity)

Discover The 3-Step Blueprint Yo-Yo Dieters Use To Get A Slimmer Body…

Without Feeling Hungry, Counting Calories Or Feeling Deprived


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In this FREE training, I'll share:

The #1 thing that programs for weight loss don't seem to be concerned about

The truth about recurring weight gain that the food industry doesn’t want people to know

The surprising way to change one's diet that’s helped clients lose up to 2 inches off their waist

Better than Zumba: The new 3-step system that can help yo-yo dieters get lasting weight loss faster

The unexpected way my clients increase their energy… improve their brain function… fight off hunger… and put an end to joint and muscle pain

Why natural and conventional approaches often fail even the most committed weight loss seekers

The #1 thing my clients do for losing weight… that's better than exercise

The surprising reason why peri and postmenopausal women have a hard time losing weight and how to manage it

The 4 internal disrupters that prevent salad, smoothies and supplements from making any impact on weight loss


This is for yo-yo dieters who want to Get Off The Dieting Merry-Go-Round,

so RSVP now to get started!

About Your Host

Marcelle Pick, OB/GYN, NP, is cofounder of Women to Women, double-board certified Functional Medicine Practitioner, a best-selling author, and a weight management specialist for women who want to get slimmer… the right way.

For over 3 decades, Marcelle has helped thousands of women safely achieve their health goals naturally using functional medicine. She is there for those who are looking for an alternative approach to medicine that offers more than what traditional practices can.

After experiencing the same struggles in weight loss as so many of her clients, Marcelle decided to support them in a different way. This led her to discover the 3-step system to lasting weight loss. Marcelle has experienced the good, the bad, and the ugly and wants to help as many women as she can by showing them there's a better way to get slimmer that's simple, yet well-deserved.

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