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Hi, Marcelle here,

You are about to discover a new blueprint for losing weight that can change your life…

And… why getting a healthier & slimmer physique is more attainable than you may think.

Many people have learned beliefs that prevent them from achieving their weight loss goals.

Beliefs like…

Starving themselves to get thin

Running long torturous miles

Performing insane complex exercises for hours a day

All to get the body of their dreams.

That’s why I created the Drop20 Now™ Program, a straightforward blueprint to follow that includes a genetic profile, proprietary homeopathic drops and weekly coaching, in combination with the optimal foods to help you get the slimmer body you always wanted.

When you follow my unique Drop20 Now™ Program, I’ll teach you about staving off hunger, overcoming harmful beliefs about food and how each body is different with response to food choices.

We Offer A Unique Weight Loss Program That Helps Women  Lose Weight and Feel Like Themselves Again

Had enough of dieting with no results?

Tried everything to lose weight with little success?

Sick of being hungry? Losing a few pounds just to gain them right back?

Millions of Women Are on This Dieting Merry-Go-Round.

Why do most people fail to keep weight off long term?

Weight loss is about more than changing diet -- it’s about altering and optimizing how the body processes food. 

Weight loss is harder no matter what you eat if you're converting food into fuel poorly. 

A properly functioning metabolism helps you maintain a healthy weight.

That’s where my Drop20 Now™ program comes in! We work with our clients to restore and stimulate their metabolism, enabling  them to lose weight. There’s no recommended calorie tracking, use of drugs or injections, costly special foods, or excessive exercising to get the results you want.

Those on the Drop20 Now™ Program have dropped the weight sooner than they expected. In total, some can lose 20, 30, or 40 lbs. Just hear the results of the Drop20 Now™ participants who have lost the weight they wanted and within a timeframe in which they were satisfied.

Do you want to drop a dress size?

See firsthand testimonials from Drop20 Now™ participants below!

Aim to change your life for the better

My Drop20 Now™ program has helped countless patients achieve their weight loss goals to look and feel their very best. It’s closely supervised by a health care professional, all-natural and straightforward. I will give you the tools you need to succeed, the rest is in your hands!

Our program doesn’t require increased exercise, there’s no counting calories, and helps control extreme hunger cravings! My Drop20 Now™ Program can help aid in removing stubborn fat and teach you the skills you need to keep the weight off.

samantha before and after


Success Stories

"This program works! In six short weeks, I went from a size 12-14 to a size 6-8. It takes some getting used to to eat all those vegetables, but doing so meant I was never hungry."


Ruth Hendrickson

Drop20 Now graduate

"I lost 25 lbs. during the first 8 weeks and then another 10 lbs. over the next 16 weeks... My energy is back, my body doesn’t hurt as much, my skin is vibrant and I have enthusiasm for life."

Marie Newman

Drop20 Now graduate

"Lost 24 pounds. I am hiking, which I couldn’t do before. I’ve gone down a size in everything, I’m close to the next size of clothes in everything and it’s awesome!"

Emily Landry

Emily Landry

Drop20 Now graduate

What makes us different from other weight loss programs?

drop20 bottle

My Drop20 Now™ includes homeopathic drops and supplemental support including Vitamin D, a multivitamin and a high-quality probiotic. My homeopathic drops are designed to help reach your weight loss goals. My proprietary formula contains all the ingredients necessary to help SUPPORT your appetite, your immune system, your blood sugar levels and your mood. My drops DO NOT contain HCG. I’m an advocate for all-natural, safe products and that is why I am bringing this to you.

Discover YOUR Straightforward Meal Plan

Follow a meal plan that fits your body and your needs. Additionally, you can expect the meal plan to help...

Aid in losing and maintaining weight

Change the way you eat - and how you feel about food.

Get you back in control of your weight.

My drops are not stimulants and are all-natural.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do I need to travel to Falmouth, Maine?
  • Do these drops cause side effects?
  • Can I just buy these drops online somewhere?
  • Are there special foods or beverages that I will be required to buy?
  • Will I feel satisfied or will I always be hungry on this program?
  • Will food preparation and cooking take a long time?
  • Is it hard to follow this diet protocol?
  • Are the drops required, or can I do the diet without them?
  • Is this program safe?
Do I need to travel to Falmouth, Maine?

You don't need to, but are always welcome to. I work with patients all over the U.S. via phone consultation - and I can work with you, wherever in the U.S. you live!

Do these drops cause side effects?

No. The drops in this program are homeopathic, so they won’t cause the unpleasant side effects that often come with prescription medications.

Can I just buy these drops online somewhere?

No. These homeopathic drops are only available through a healthcare professional. They cannot be purchased by individuals online or in stores.

Are there special foods or beverages that I will be required to buy?

No. I will give you a list of anti-inflammatory foods to choose from. You will be eating REAL, WHOLE FOODS as you take the drops. You will NOT be asked to purchase prepackaged meals or shakes.

Will I feel satisfied or will I always be hungry on this program?

Most patients will not be unreasonably hungry. The homeopathic drops, in thousands of our patients to date, substantially decrease appetite and take the noise of food away. The Drop20 Now™ Program will help you burn stubborn fat.

Will food preparation and cooking take a long time?

Absolutely not! Cooking healthy food is a lot easier than you think it is. And with a little planning, these healthy choices will be as quick and easy - and a lot more flavorful - than processed choices.

Is it hard to follow this diet protocol?

Changing habits always takes some adjustment, but there are so many healthy choices that make this diet easy to follow. You will be allowed many proteins including chicken, beef, turkey, fish, shellfish, eggs, cottage cheese, and tofu. You will also be allowed a wide variety of vegetables and certain fruits. Your biggest adjustment may be avoiding pre-packaged convenience foods -- the focus here is on REAL, WHOLE foods.

Are the drops required, or can I do the diet without them?

If you follow this diet plan without taking the drops, you will be extremely hungry. You can’t do the program without the drops.If you simply drop to a very low calorie diet, your body will think it’s starving and hold on even tighter.

Is this program safe?

After treating thousands of patients we have not had a single report of an adverse effect. You will be under my supervision as you participate in the program. The drops are not stimulants, they include homeopathic ingredients and amino acids. If you are on other medications we advise you to talk with your doctor.

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