In our western culture, it is rare for me to talk with a patient who doesn’t have some digestive symptoms. Many times, women have had the symptom for so long that she can’t remember a time when she didn’t. So many women are surprised when they find out that gas and bloating after meals doesn’t have to be! There’s speculation in the world of medicine that perhaps as much as 90% of the population has food sensitivities. That’s quite a number, isn’t it? Many GI problems stem from undiagnosed food sensitivities which lie dormant until Digestive Systema trigger (stress, for instance) triggers a response. Years of yo-yo dieting, chemical exposure, overuse of antibiotics, eating too much of the same food and stress can also lead to digestive issues.

A well running digestive system is crucial to good health – your digestive system is your body’s powerhouse to break down food into usable nutrients and to control toxicity by getting rid of the unused portions. Sometimes a digestive imbalance is at the root of seemingly unrelated symptoms, so it can be hard to spot. I always encourage women to evaluate their digestive health if they are having any chronic health problems. Your first line of defense is a healthy GI tract!

After eating a meal, I often feel bloated and gassy.

I am constipated or have diarrhea more often than not.

I have foul-smelling gas and/or stools.

I often feel foggy and lethargic and lack focus after I eat.

I crave certain foods and beverages and/or often eat the same thing.

I often feel nauseous after eating or after taking a supplement.

I use over-the-counter pain relievers regularly.

I tend to crave alcohol, sugar, bread, and other “yeasty” foods.

I often (two to three times a week) have headaches, intestinal pain, and/or joint pain.

I feel ill when it is muggy or damp or in specific environments (e.g., my office, my basement).

I regularly (two to three times a week) eat out at restaurants or get takeout.

I am prone to flushing, pimples, and/or acne breakouts.

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