Birth control is an important decision that a woman of reproductive age faces. You will want what works best for you in your situation. This is one of the most important health matters that will affect your lifestyle and emotions, as you will deal with birth control several times during the course of your lifetime. Becoming pregnant and giving birth can be an incredible experience. You, as the mother, are empowered to decide when that time is right for you by choosing birth control.

Naturally, I receive a considerable number of questions about birth control from women at the clinic.  I’ve chosen an assortment of frequently asked questions. I hope you will consider the most pertinent questions that are on your mind and that these will help you choose your birth control wisely

1. Which is the best birth control pill? Is there really one?

2. Is the drug Seasonale safe, with only four menstrual periods a year?

3. Does the pill cause cancer?

4. Does the Evra patch really work? Does it stay on? Is it safe?

5. Will my partner or I feel the NuvaRing during intercourse? What if it falls out?

6. How reliable are condoms?

7. I have always had my partner use a condom. How did I end up with genital warts and herpes?

8. Having the man “pull out” doesn’t count — does it?

9. Will I get osteoporosis from the Depo-Provera shot for birth control?

10. Are shifts in sex drive typical soon after tubal ligation?

11. Will the pill affect my sex drive?

12. Will I have trouble getting pregnant if I use the pill?