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Pap Test and HPV FAQ

Women are usually very surprised and worried if their Pap smear results are abnormal. They have several questions, and in some cases it’s difficult for them to even know what questions to ask their practitioner. We’ve tried to take some of the [...]

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  • stool analysis

Stool Analysis

At the Women to Women clinic we have learned over the years that many laboratories don’t really offer very helpful stool studies. Several patients become discouraged when their stool analysis comes back with a “normal” result while they are miserable with persistent [...]

By |2018-02-22T22:34:12-05:00February 3rd, 2017|
  • pap test results

What Your Pap Test Results Mean

When a laboratory technician looks at the section of cells that was taken from your cervix during your Pap test, they will be searching for indications of specific changes that occur within the cells (cervical dysplasia). These reveal a variety of discrete [...]

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