In the years working with patients, I’ve witnessed incredibly profound changes in women – particularly those who have experienced emotional healing. We’d work together to heal imbalances in their bodies and get to the source of their uncomfortable and unwanted symptoms. However, some don’t reach the level of wellness they’d like without addressing their emotional health.

A Program That Works

For years I sought a program I could recommend to my patients – one which I could feel confident in. For the past 20 years I have recommended the Hoffman Institute. Hoffman is an organization that helps people learn more about themselves. This includes learning about patterns that create self-defeating behaviors and healing deep emotional wounds. The program requires dedication from the attendees – but I guarantee the results are worth it!  Those who attend begin to understand their patterns of behavior and how it affects their day-to-day and long term goals. The program also helps change the way you interact and understand other people.

Raz Ingraszi, President of the Hoffman Institute, tells us that if our negative feelings aren’t resolved in some way, they can cause both emotional and physical pain until they are worked through. He further states that our emotions guide the quality of our lives. When you really think about that statement – it’s so powerful. Especially since most of us tend to disregard or bury our emotions – especially our painful ones. When we can begin to overcome the past, we can dramatically improve our lives. The Hoffman Institute suggests that the best way to become aware of your feelings is not to judge or criticize them, but to allow yourself to experience them. This allows healing to take place.

A Solid Connection Between Emotions and Health

The ACE – Adverse Childhood Events Study – was completed some years ago. The study evaluated individuals who had emotionally troubled childhoods and the way these individuals manifested physical ailments as adults. The data was astounding! The more emotional stress individuals suffered as children, the more likely they were to have chronic health concerns like cancer or heart disease as adults!

The Hoffman Process helps attendees take steps toward healing by bringing about awareness of both the negative and positive feelings, allowing the expression of feelings, finding emotional forgiveness for themselves and others, and to establish new behaviors.

There’s a saying that the greatest journey we will ever take is to travel the distance from our hearts to our heads. The Hoffman Quadrinity Process takes individuals on that journey. I can tell you from personal experience that it’s a journey of incredible love, freedom and healing.