Hormonal Imbalance Health Quiz

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Hormonal imbalance is very common and often complicated, simply because we have so many hormones in our bodies. Because hormones are extremely agile and adaptive, they don’t just stop working, they often find other ways of working and your body will try to compensate for these shifts – and you may start to experience symptoms which you’ve never had before – ones which you don’t understand and ones which you definitely would rather not have! The great news is that we can help you shift your hormones back into balance – and its not hard! Start by taking the quiz below.

I experience irregular periods. My cycles are heavier than usual.
I am having trouble falling asleep and/or staying asleep at night.
I have intense mood swings and cravings before I get my period.
Lately I cry at everything, even cheesy TV commercials.
My hair and skin feel dry and coarse.
I am experiencing heart palpitations; I am experiencing hot flashes and/or night sweats.
I feel much calmer after my period starts.
I have little interest in sex. I am experiencing vaginal dryness.
I’ve lost a lot of muscle recently or I can’t make muscle, no matter how much I exercise.
I tend to store my extra weight around my hips and thighs.
Lately, my breasts are more tender and/or painful.
I have a history of PMS and/or postpartum depression.
I am experiencing abnormal periods.
I feel more moody.
I am more anxious and/or experiencing anxiety attacks.

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Menopause Health Assessment

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Your adrenal glands give you your get up and go – seriously! These small walnut sized glands ignite the fight or flight response when you are under stress either real or perceived. This fight or flight response creates a tremendous amount of energy in just seconds to help keep you – or someone you are protecting – alive. Your adrenal glands function well when they react and then rest. But these days, when stress has become a chronic condition, your adrenals are working nonstop. As a result, our health is showing the strain. Take our Adrenal Health Assessment and find out if your adrenals are sending out the signal that they are being used nonstop!

Stress taxes the adrenals forcing them to make a lot of the stress hormone cortisol, and over time, cortisol in large amounts stresses your body even further.  Physical, environmental and emotional stress may all be coming in to play.  Diet, lifestyle and nutritional supplements will all help bring your adrenals back into balance – and will help regain you energy, sleep better, and create the vitality you want!

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