PMS Health Quiz

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These symptoms can come from 2 weeks prior to menses, to 1 week prior to menses. Generally they abate with the beginning of the menstrual cycle.

Scoring will be moderate and severe.

The great news is that when the hormonal balance is re established the body comes back into balance and many of the symptoms abate or are much milder. The cycle is no longer something to dread or even be aware of.

I experience more agitation prior to my menstrual cycle.
I avoid social activities during the two weeks prior to my menstrual cycle.
I experience binge eating/cravings/food and/or alcohol overuse.
I am experiencing decreased work performance.
I have a decreased desire to talk with anyone.
I notice depression especially prior to menses.
I experience excessive fatigue and/or tiredness.
I often feel hopeless.
I experience frequent insomnia.
I experience frequent mood swings.
I suffer from constipation.
I experience fluid retention.
I have a decreased libido.
I experience poor judgement.
I have decreased self esteem.
I experience excessive sadness.
I am frequently teary-eyed.
I experience weight gain.

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PMS Health Assessment

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Your adrenal glands give you your get up and go – seriously! These small walnut sized glands ignite the fight or flight response when you are under stress either real or perceived. This fight or flight response creates a tremendous amount of energy in just seconds to help keep you – or someone you are protecting – alive. Your adrenal glands function well when they react and then rest. But these days, when stress has become a chronic condition, your adrenals are working nonstop. As a result, our health is showing the strain. Take our Adrenal Health Assessment and find out if your adrenals are sending out the signal that they are being used nonstop!

Stress taxes the adrenals forcing them to make a lot of the stress hormone cortisol, and over time, cortisol in large amounts stresses your body even further.  Physical, environmental and emotional stress may all be coming in to play.  Diet, lifestyle and nutritional supplements will all help bring your adrenals back into balance – and will help regain you energy, sleep better, and create the vitality you want!

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