Are stomach bloating and gas symptoms something you anticipate on a daily basis? Have you stood in front of the mirror and wondered just where the bloated belly you are seeing came from? Are you tired of bouts of unexpected and embarrassing gas?

Stomach bloating can be no joke if it’s affecting your behavior around friends and family. Knowing where the problem stems from is the first step. In this case, the culprit could be an imbalance in your digestive system. 

Understanding Your Digestive Imbalances

There are trillions of flora that live in our digestive system. These small but busy microorganisms help us digest our food and keep our immune system strong. Good intestinal flora keeps bowel movements regular and help prevent gas, bloating and yeast overgrowth by producing lactic acid which maintains a healthy pH, one of the very important things in maintaining a healthy gut!

These hard working florae love a healthy environment! When there are changes in that environment though, large numbers die off quickly, leaving you with food that isn’t being digested…and those terrible and uncomfortable symptoms of gas and bloating!

Keeping Your Florae Healthy

To keep you flora healthy, eat a diet low in sugar and processed foods and high in fiber, vegetables and legumes. When it comes to your gut, that old adage of you are what you eat is really true! 

Two factors that can also cause your flora to die off and not do their job are stress and antibiotics. We all know that stress can sometimes be hard to manage and there are times when antibiotics are just necessary. So what do you do? Take a probiotic — that’s right –  a probiotic!

Win the Battle Against Stomach Bloating

We understand your pain and we’re here to help. So, no more bouts of embarrassing gas and having an uncomfortable, bloated belly! Our Biotic Support is a pharmaceutical grade probiotic full of good healthy flora – order now!