One Woman’s Amazing Story of Gastrointestinal Relief

When Sarah first came to see me, she was 45, and had suffered for more than five years with gastrointestinal pain and discomfort. She reported that her body alternated between constant diarrhea and constipation, and she also had sensitivity to particular foods, persistent bloating, extreme flatulence, environmental allergic reactions, uncommon exhaustion, and upper respiratory issues. That’s a lot of symptoms to deal with on a constant basis!

Sarah was a married woman, and her husband was more than likely an alcoholic. Not only that, but Sarah lived in a home that her husband purchased before they were married, and they lived there with his mother. His mother had furnished the entire home before Sarah moved in, and she hadn’t been able to change a thing. Years before Sarah came to see me she had started doing internal healing work. She was curious to examine how she could create boundaries for herself in her current home, as well as determining if this was really the best place for her to be.

Sarah requested that I perform a food allergy and food intolerance panel. After we spoke, I recommended two different types of stool testing. The testing suggested that she suffered with Candida (yeast), which is an overgrowth of the bacteria’s unbalanced intestinal flora, and she had several food sensitivities. I asked her to avoid the food allergens revealed by the testing, start a yeast-free diet, and I put her on several dietary supplements, including probiotics. None of this is easy – changing habits is so difficult – but the results are life changing for many.

Sarah quickly reported feeling healthier than she ever had before. No longer did she suffer from constipation, diarrhea, abdominal bloating or discomfort. She told me that her energy levels were better than she could ever remember. Not only that, but Sarah shared with me that she felt at least 20 years younger!

Sarah is now able to create the boundaries she desires in her life. She made the changes in her relationships that she wanted to make. She also made the changes in her home life she felt were necessary for her to continue moving in a positive direction. As Sarah demonstrates, when you feel better, it is easier to take the steps needed to improve your life.

During her last visit, Sarah told me that she finally feels as though she has reached a sense of balance in her life. She truly understands now that she has accomplished her internal balance emotionally by looking at issues that kept her feeling “stuck.” And she did what she needed to do to get her physical problems under control. Sarah explained how she felt that her inner life and biological issues were finally aligned and balanced. If she maintains that balance, I predict that Sarah will no longer have problems with dysbiosis in her future.