When you hear “detoxification” does your mind immediately go to a specific regimen you must follow to get rid of the toxins or wastes that have built up over time in your body? Many people do, but the truth is, our bodies are amazing! They go about their business of detoxing constantly without any help from us. Every time we take a breath, urinate, have a bowel movement, or even cry, our bodies are getting rid of waste. Our various bodily systems target the toxins and eliminate them in remarkable ways.

But even with this amazing ability to clean themselves out, sometimes we need to give our bodies a little help.  Given the world we live in – with all of its environmental poisons, prescription drugs, polluted air supply, heavy metals, antibiotics contaminating even the water we drink and use for bathing – it’s no wonder I hear patients report they are feeling tired, achy and just not themselves. These unnatural toxins, which we’re exposed to on a daily basis, can overwhelm our bodies, especially our liver and lymphatic systems. This in turn disrupts our hormonal balance. No wonder we don’t feel up to par. We’re fighting to just keep clean!

Let’s look further at this together. Your body has a remarkable way to take care of healing itself, but it needs your support. You can help to boost your body’s natural detoxification processes and in turn feel refreshed and rejuvenated. Detoxing helps your mental focus, improves digestive processes, and promotes clear skin. It’s not an overwhelming or lengthy process. It’s one of the easiest steps you can take to dramatically improve how you feel.

We can help answer your questions about detoxification. Our resources give you a closer look at the lymphatic system and show you how to incorporate an easy two-week detox process into your life. We also have several other ideas on how to prevent toxins from threatening your wellness in the first place. You can come to know your own body’s rhythms and how nature meant for it to cleanse itself. You can feel at home in your own body!